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Travertine Shower Before Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower After Cleaning & Sealing


Welcome to our Granite Repair Website. We have specialized in repairing granite countertops, particularly addressing cracks in granite here in the valley for over 25 years. The presence of granite cracks is always concerning and indicates a problem. To determine the exact problem and its cause, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

While some types of granite may naturally have “fissure” cracks, it is recommended to promptly contact a professional when you notice an area of concern. Typically, these types of granite repairs indicate an underlying issue that requires immediate attention to prevent further spreading and enlargement.

Another aspect to be cautious about is the presence of razor-sharp edges when granite cracks or breaks. We prioritize addressing such issues meticulously to ensure that you no longer have any worries.


Maintaining the cleanliness and preventing dried-on foods and liquids is a crucial granite cleaning process for preserving the lifespan of your granite countertops. One common issue that can arise is calcium buildup or etching, which can quickly spread if not addressed promptly.

Fortunately, if detected early, it can be safely removed without leaving any signs or causing damage. Our professional granite cleaning services can effectively address this problem and ensure that your countertops are protected for daily use.

To prevent any significant issues, it is essential to hire a qualified professional. We always use the very best-quality sealing products available on the market.

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Travertine Shower Before Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower After Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower Before Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower After Cleaning & Sealing


Once you have completed the cleaning and repair of your granite, the final step in safeguarding your investment is to granite sealing. However, it’s important to exercise caution, as the market is flooded with various types of low quality and inferior granite sealers. At Granite King®, we exclusively always provide the highest quality sealers that are available in todays market. All our products are the best and superior to ensure a long lasting job.

Determining the appropriate sealer for your needs is an important decision. This depends on factors such as the location of the stone to be sealed and the level of usage as well as sun exposure to ensure the best for your granite countertop experience. Feel free to contact us so that we can evaluate your granite and recommend the ideal granite sealing process for you.

(All of our Sealers Are Safe For Food Preparation Areas, Children & Pets)


Kitchen sinks endure a significant amount of activity. This is why we emphasize the importance of ensuring everything in this area is secure and functioning properly. We take great care to ensure that the perimeters around your sink are tightly sealed to prevent any water leakage.

It is essential to monitor the caulk lines where the sink and granite meet. Always look for any issues to ensure that water does not seep into even the smallest of cracks and crevices. Very important to remember.

When the caulking is cracked or missing entirely, it allows water to penetrate beneath the granite. This can eventually lead to costly, unsightly and troublesome problems that could easily be prevented.

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Travertine Shower Before Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower After Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower Before Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower After Cleaning & Sealing


We also encounter another type of granite repair known as seams. A seam refers to the area where two granite slabs meet. If you’re fortunate, you won’t have one. However, like most cases, if you do, it is crucial to ensure that this area remains tightly sealed.

Maintaining closed granite seams is essential to prevent the infiltration of food particles and moisture between your slabs. Although it may appear insignificant, each spill or countertop wipe-down increases the risk of complications.

Granite seam repairs can generally be easily addressed if attended to promptly. However, delaying the repair may result in uneven slabs. Contact us at (480) 535-0175to schedule an evaluation.

Granite cleaning

We have several methods cleaning your granite. Depending on your granites texture and condition.

Granite Sealing

After Cleaning your Granite it must be sealed. This is very helpful to keep its life and ease of maintenance.

Granite Repair

Granite Cracks Repairs and all types of Chips and Holes. We can repair most every type of granite issues.

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Granite Hole Repair

Most holes we repair will look like they were never there. Top-Quality fillers color matched for you.

Granite chip repair

Granite Chips happen easily by things being dropped or by wear and tear. We repair most without a trace.

Granite Crack Repair

Cracks are usually a very bad sign and should be addressed immediately. Otherwise they could continue to expand.

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